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Amazon Strategic Account Services (SAS)

Discover Turnkey Merchandise Programs, Your one stop solution to all your Amazon account needs.

Your Amazon Account Management Partner

Turnkey Merchandise Program’s Amazon Strategic Account Services are designed to elevate your brand’s presence and product performance on the world’s largest online marketplace. From optimizing product listings to implementing targeted advertising strategies, Brand, Seller, and Vendor central management, we ensure maximum visibility and sales growth for your Amazon business. Partner with us to boost engagement and increase conversions on Amazon.

Amazon Services

Amazon Account Management Services

We offer customized Amazon account management services, including optimized listings, inventory management, and targeted advertising campaigns. Trust us to maximize your brand's visibility, sales, and compliance, freeing you to focus on strategic growth.

Amazon Seller Central

We excel in enhancing brand performance on Amazon through comprehensive optimization of Seller Central accounts. Our dedicated team manages everything from listings to advertising, ensuring enhanced visibility, conversion rates, and competitiveness while navigating Amazon's policies for account health, allowing you to focus on strategic growth initiatives confidently.

Fulfilled by Amazon Logistics

We're experts at boosting your brand's success on Amazon by fine-tuning your Seller Central accounts. From listings to ads, we optimize for visibility, conversions, and competitiveness, all while keeping your account in good health according to Amazon's rules, so you can focus on growing your brand strategically.

Amazon Brand Registry

In our Strategic Account Services, we specialize in managing Amazon Brand Registry to safeguard and boost your brand's presence. We handle everything from enrollment to ongoing protection. Count on us for thorough support through registration, vigilant monitoring of your listings, and proactive measures against infringements. With our strategic optimization, we elevate your brand's visibility and credibility, utilizing exclusive tools to maximize protection. Trust us to safeguard your brand on Amazon while you focus on business growth.

Amazon Transparency

In our Strategic Account Services, we provide thorough Amazon Transparency management to safeguard your brand from counterfeits and ensure authenticity on the platform. We guide you through enrollment, monitor your listings and supply chain, and actively combat unauthorized distribution, protecting your brand's reputation and customer trust. Through strategic optimization and leveraging Transparency's tools, we enhance visibility and customer confidence in your products, driving sales and loyalty. Partnering with us ensures your brand's protection and allows you to focus on business growth with peace of mind.

Amazon Pay Per Click Marketing

We're dedicated to boosting your brand's Amazon success by perfecting your Seller Central accounts. From listings to ads, we focus on visibility, conversions, and competitiveness while keeping your account compliant with Amazon's rules. This frees you to concentrate on strategic brand growth with confidence.

Warehouse & Fulfillment Logistics

In our Strategic Account Services, we focus on Warehouse Logistics & Fulfillment management to streamline your Amazon business's supply chain. Our team handles inventory, orders, shipping, and returns with precision, utilizing efficient resource allocation and real-time tracking to prevent stockouts. We optimize order processing for timely delivery and handle returns promptly, ensuring smooth operations so you can grow your business confidently.


Our Client Feedback

Over the years, Turnkey Merchandise Programs has developed strong relationships with the brands we service. Here’s a few things they’ve said about us:

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