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Turnkey Merchandise Programs started as an Ecommerce company in 2006 and has worked with global clients to amplify brand immersion by bringing promotional products from concept to life and putting them in the hands of brand ambassadors, customers, and potential business partners.

Concept to Ecommerce Shop
Promotional Product Campaigns
Custom Web & Product Design

With Pop Up Shops ranging from high-profile events to exclusive product unveilings, renowned brands such as Hellman’s®, Eat Your Mouth Off™, Signature Brands™ have chosen TMP as their launch partner.

Most agencies want to engage for the long-term, but TMP is a bit different: We are nimble and flexible to your short-run pop up shop needs. Everything from product design, launch, marketing, and analytics.

Board Games, Trinkets, Brand Merch, or something completely different, TMP is your partner in creating highly-targeted niche shopping experiences tailored for your customers and audiences

Our Recent Work


When Hellmann’s® came to TMP with their idea for the Big Game, the Limited Edition Hellmann’s Letterman Jacket, they only had five days until the site needed to be live and ready to take orders. TMP delivered a robust, user-focused shopping experience that both the client and shoppers loved.

Kellogg's & University Of Michigan National Championship Box Sleeve

Kellogg’s® and the University Of Michigan® engaged with TMP just a week before the 2024 National Football Championship game with their idea of having a commerative cereal box sleeve to celebrate the Michigan’s National Championship Win. During that week, TMP prepared the site for a the win by staging the product for launch, and deploying within minutes of the results being finalized

Eat Your Mouth Off Cereal

WK Kellogg’s® wanted to do something entirely different with the Eat Your Mouth® of brand. They looked to TMP for visual inspiration based on their new plant-based cereal. TMP delivered a robust site that defied all previous Kellogg brand identity with it’s own unique twist.

Case Studies

Simple Social Activation

To Honor National Cookie Day, OREO activated on their social channel.

Socially Responsive + Social Activation

In the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic, and knowing many consumers would not be taking vacations in 2020, TMP and Campbell’s Cape Cod Potato Chips collaborated to bring a Cape Cod collection to life on the DTC channel. Cape Cod leaned in with social activation for the souvenir feeling merch collection, offered exclusively at

Coming Soon - On Pack Activation

For our coming soon DTC store for Hostess, the Brand will be placing a similar offer on Back-of-Package of millions of Hostess Treats. Ad features a QR code to jump consumers to the experience, which is holds a planned launch of Dec 1, 2020.

Leaning in with PR

The product development team at Kellogg/Pringles ups the ante every Thanksgiving with an LTO that is designed to break the internet. In 2019, it was TURDUCKEN Pringles, a tray of Turkey-flavored, Duck-flavored and Chicken-flavored Pringles, alongside Stuffing-, CranberrySauceand Pumpkin Pie –flavored chips. Products were offered exclusively in the DTC channel ( and sold out within 50 mins. Oh, and they broke the internet.

Tie-In with Events

Military veterans are 1.5 times more likely to die by suicide than Americans who never served in the military. In 2019, the Air Force experienced a 33% suicide increase. To challenge the stigma, and shine a spotlight on the impact of physical activity on veterans mental health and wellness, Team RWB brought together tens of thousands of community and veteran supporters in a national movement known as Run As One. Official gear was exclusively available on DTC and participants were pointed to to suit up.

Events Activations X Influencers

Offered exclusively via DTC, the OREO DJ Mixer was offered during The Grammy’s and drafted off a celebrity influencer deal with Wiz Khalifa. The mixer interacts with OREO cookies, with one cookie resting on each mix table, and the music mix changes with every bite. OREO leaned-in by spiffing Dealers with limited Quantities for in-store activations, and then created a lot of demand by giving some away via Social Media. The nonwinners were pointed exclusively to to get their mixer, complete with a hard-to-find package of LTO Most Stuff OREOS.

Biscoff Direct Mail Catalog

Less Brand Activation than it is DTC Collaboration, Biscoff engages with tmp annually in the assembly of a catalog mailing to Business Gifts buyers, in which they pay 50% of the design, print and mailing costs. The catalog is crucial to hitting our over $1MM sales goal for Q4 each year. Beyond the print catalog, tmp also publishes a digital flipbook which was shared on Biscoff social channels and in other Brand activations.

American Heart Association X Influencers

For the Valentine’s Day debut of the movie ‘How to be Single,’ American Heart Association aligned an opportunity for the DTC channel to design a unique tee for each of the stars – who then leaned-in to create buzz for the assortment – all to raise money in the fight against heart disease and stroke. Sold exclusively on

PR + Socially Relevant Product

In collaboration with GLAAD, Kellogg brought an LTO to market exclusively on DTC. The concept was deployed on Spirit Day to promote equality and togetherness. The LTO featured all their most popular cereals mixed together in one box, symbolizing unity. Sold exclusively on

Digital Newsletter Display Ad Space

Our display ad was featured in a Digital newsletter sent by American Heart Association to their full list of donors and constituents, with a hyperlink to behind the Shop NOW button.

Ride Along Direct Mail

New Holland had a direct mail piece sending anyway, so they agreed to add an offer from the DTC store in the same envelope.

CaseIH Virtual Show

Another COMING SOON example: With COVID-19, many events are cancelled including Farm Shows. So, tmp and CaseIH are combining forces to create a virtual merch booth for what we would have produced for the live event. Events include a livestream product showcase (4x) on Facebook and YouTube; Limited edition items; Interviews with Licensed merchandise makers Patrick Vaughan (Selina Vaughan), Holly Dufek (author of Casey & Friends book series), Octane Press and Tomy. CaseIH is providing the external activation including top line navigation to the VIRTUAL EVENT. Image is FPO – display will be more visually pleasing when executed Sept 7th.

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